Fantastic Fiction Website

A gal who came across my blog turned me on to a great website where you can type in an author’s name and not only see their wares but also see books that they’ve recommended.  It’s impossible to not find something interested (at which point I quickly log onto my library’s website and request it).  The website is bit too bright but gets the job done nicely.

I love the library.  After moving back from Australia a little over a year ago with nothing but our suitcases and under a hundred bucks, we have been rebuilding and are not quite to the point of buying books, leave alone a book shelf.  We’re almost there but until then, the library gives me what I need to fulfill my addiction.


Blog updating

I have come to the conclusion that as much as I like to think I have a lot to share, I seem to come up blank whenever I realize I need to update my blog.  Then of course when I have something burning a hole in my mind to jot down, I am no where near my computer or any computer for that matter or am tucked nicely into bed next to a hotty of a husband and although my notepad is within reach there is no pen in sight.

<sigh>  Ah, life.

If you like it, I probably don’t

I have come to the conclusion that I manage to fall in the low percentile of people when being surveyed.  For example, I love this restaurant called ‘The Ovo’.  They make this awesome appetizer with rolls, some sort of yummy cheese sauce and various types of chopped olives.  They also make pasta pillows; large pasta squares filled with various choices of cheeses and meats covered in different sauces that just melt it your mouth.  Being partial to the olives and also having a slimmer wallet kept me more in the appetizer range but oh did I love it.  When I was pregnant, my husband drove me over 20 miles to get that appetizer.

They closed.  Why else would they close other than not enough business?  Oh, I suppose there could be something else but it’s the most likely reason.  They closed along with The Ritz, Don Pablos and Hops.  I found out later that there is a Don Pablos but it’s a good 45-60 min. drive which kind of takes away from ever getting to eat there.  I just found out a day or so ago that Hops, the one that is about 20-30 min. away has reopened which was great.  I am hoping they haven’t changed their recipes etc.

Anyway, the whole point of that was me wondering WHY do the places I like close?  It doesn’t stop with restaurants either.  Survey me about a band name, a color for the office or a furniture style…I’ll be one of the ones that doesn’t like what everyone else likes. 

Gargoyles.  I love gargoyles.  Now I know that there are a lot of people out there who also love gargoyles but we are definitely on the lower percentile otherwise you would see a lot more of them around.  When it comes to gargoyles, I am pretty specific about the look I like.  I don’t like the ones that look deranged or non-gargoyle like (like they have a ghost head or some other off feature).  I like the more pleasant ones that actually look like a gargoyle as compared to mixed with other beasts BUT if I were to imagine him protecting a home or person – he could look as vicious as he likes.  But then again, I have seen gargoyles that are dragon like that I really like etc. so I guess I’m not that picky.